The transversus abdominis plane block
Suspected allergy to local anaesthetics
Analgesic efficacy of subcutaneous local anaesthetic wound infiltration in bilateral knee arthroplasty
Lidocaine vs. magnesium
Caudal analgesia for prostate biopsy
Spread of ropivacaine by a weight-based formula in a pediatric caudal block
The relative position of ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves in different age groups of pediatric patients
Patients with problematic opioid use can be weaned from codeine without pain escalation
Impact of chronic advanced aortic regurgitation on the perioperative outcome of noncardiac surgery
Mixed venous oxygen saturation is a prognostic marker after surgery for aortic stenosis
Pleth variability index predicts hypotension during anesthesia induction
Regional cerebral glucose metabolism during sevoflurane anaesthesia in healthy subjects studied with positron emission tomography
Regional cerebral blood flow responses to hyperventilation during sevoflurane anaesthesia studied with PET
Burnout, psychosomatic symptoms and job satisfaction among Dutch nurse anaesthetists
Global and right ventricular end-diastolic volumes correlate better with preload after correction for ejection fraction
Hepatic effects of an open lung strategy and cardiac output restoration in an experimental lung injury
Reduced interleukin-12 release from stimulated monocytes in patients with sepsis after major cancer surgery
A case report of systemic capillary leak syndrome (Clarkson's disease)
An innovative functional equivalent of the jet stylet, some fundamental concerns
An innovative functional equivalent of the jet stylet, some fundamental concerns
Does bilirubin change the free concentration of propofol?
Plasma concentrations of levobupivacaine increase under continuous infusion after a major surgery
Perioperative myocardial damage and cardiac outcome in patients-at-risk undergoing non-cardiac surgery
Severe sepsis in critically ill patients
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