Circadian aspects of post-operative morbidity and mortality
Management of post-partum haemorrhage
The effect of a simple checklist on frequent pre-induction deficiencies
Medication discontinuity errors in the perioperative period
Effect of an intravenous infusion of lidocaine on cisatracurium-induced neuromuscular block duration: a randomized-controlled trial
The effect of remifentanil on cough suppression after endoscopic sinus surgery: a randomized study
Effects of different respiratory maneuvers on esophageal sphincters in obese patients before and during anesthesia
Pulmonary haemodynamics and right ventricular function during cemented hemiarthroplasty for femoral neck fracture
New pocket echocardiography device is interchangeable with high-end portable system when performed by experienced examiners
Transfusion has no effect on recurrence in hepatitis C after liver transplantation
Non-invasive monitoring of blood haemoglobin for analysis of fluid volume kinetics
Maize- or potato-derived hydroxyethyl starches: is there any thromboelastometric difference?
Spontaneous breathing during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation improves regional lung characteristics in experimental lung injury
Ischaemic pre-conditioning means an increased adenosine metabolism with decreased glycolytic flow in ischaemic pig myocardium
Human opioid μ-receptor A118G polymorphism may protect against central pruritus by epidural morphine for post-cesarean analgesia
Perisciatic infusion of ropivacaine and analgesia after hallux valgus repair
Outcome of drowned hypothermic children with cardiac arrest treated with cardiopulmonary bypass
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