No pain, much gain
Ultrasound in pre-hospital care
A preliminary validation of the Swedish version of the critical-care pain observation tool in adults
Home return 6 months after an intensive care unit admission for elderly patients
Initial fluid resuscitation of patients with septic shock in the intensive care unit
The effects of isoflurane anesthesia and mechanical ventilation on renal function during endotoxemia
Erythropoietin does not attenuate renal dysfunction or inflammation in a porcine model of endotoxemia
Pre-hospital transcranial Doppler in severe traumatic brain injury
Onset time and haemodynamic response after thiopental vs. propofol in the elderly
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition and blood pressure response during total intravenous anaesthesia for minor surgery
Thiopentone elimination in newborn infants
Effect of N -acetylcystein on pulmonary function in patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery
Cardiac outcome after sevoflurane versus propofol sedation following coronary bypass surgery
Repeated but not single isoflurane exposure improved the spatial memory of young adult mice
Effects of surgical stress on long-term memory function in mice of different ages
Timing of intravenous patient-controlled remifentanil bolus during early labour
Comparison of four pain scales in patients with hip fracture or other lower limb trauma
Myocardial ischemia-reperfusion and cardioprotection
Severe carbon dioxide embolism during laparoscopic kidney resection
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