Can the case for glutamine be proved?
Local-infiltration anaesthesia (LIA): post-operative pain management revisited and appraised by the surgeons?
Wound catheters for post-operative pain management: overture or finale?
Local infiltration analgesia in joint replacement: the evidence and recommendations for clinical practice
A meta-analysis of the efficacy of wound catheters for post-operative pain management
Heart rate variability: a diagnostic and prognostic tool in anesthesia and intensive care
Scandinavian glutamine trial: a pragmatic multi-centre randomised clinical trial of intensive care unit patients
The Intensive Care Delirium Screening Checklist: translation and reliability testing in a Swedish ICU
Patients' participation in and evaluation of a follow-up program following intensive care
Percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy in intensive care unit patients with increased bleeding risk or obesity. A prospective analysis of 1000 procedures
Early detection of the graft failure after pediatric liver transplantation: a Bergamo experience
No beneficial effects of levosimendan in acute porcine endotoxaemia
The effects of metoprolol on hypoxia- and isoflurane-induced cardiac late-phase preconditioning
Cardiac displacement-induced hemodynamic instability during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery and its predictors
Effect of PEEP on regional ventilation during laparoscopic surgery monitored by electrical impedance tomography
Improved ventilation–perfusion matching with increasing abdominal pressure during CO2-pneumoperitoneum in pigs
Paratracheal placement of orotracheal tube: a complication when aborting percutaneous tracheotomy
Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography of optic nerve sheath diameter for detecting raised intracranial pressure
Performance of a Pentax-Airway scope and a Macintosh laryngoscope for difficult intubation in a manikin study
Instability in non-invasive haemoglobin measurement: a possible influence of oxygen administration
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