Determining authorship in multicenter trials: a systematic review
Cognitive impairments after critical illness
Risk factors for 1-year mortality in patients with nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage requiring intensive care
Influence of prone positioning on the measurement of transpulmonary thermodilution-derived variables in critically ill patients
Positive end-expiratory pressure-induced changes in end-expiratory lung volume measured by spirometry and electric impedance tomography
Non-toxic alveolar oxygen concentration without hypoxemia during apnoeic oxygenation: an experimental study
H -index is a sensitive indicator of academic activity in highly productive anaesthesiologists: results of a bibliometric analysis
GlideScope videolaryngoscope vs. Macintosh direct laryngoscope for intubation of morbidly obese patients: a randomized trial
High-resolution solid-state manometry of the effect of rocuronium on barrierpressure
Effect of patient position and PEEP on hepatic, portal and central venous pressures during liver resection
Chronic alcoholism increases the induction dose of propofol
Washout of sevoflurane from the GE Avance and Amingo Carestation anesthetic machines
Isoflurane decreases death of human embryonic stem cell-derived, transcriptional marker Nkx2.5+ cardiac progenitor cells
Plasma tau protein in comatose patients after cardiac arrest treated with therapeutic hypothermia
Movement-evoked breakthrough cancer pain despite intrathecal analgesia: a prospective series
Levosimendan for treatment of septic shock: homeotherapy or inadequate therapy?
Reply: levosimendan in septic shock – high time for a critical appraisal!
Propofol for facilitation of tracheal intubation: an alternative to muscle relaxants?
Reply: propofol for facilitation of tracheal intubation in children during sevoflurane induction: a good alternative to muscle relaxants
Gamma oscillation: is there a place in post-operative cognitive dysfunction?
Influence of tidal volume on pulmonary gas exchange during general anaesthesia
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