Comparison of two active analgesic interventions: A suggestion for an ‘approximated placebo control’
Accelerated recovery programmes should complement, not replace, the acute pain services
Oxygen and anesthesia: what lung do we deliver to the post-operative ward?
Post-operative pain treatment in Denmark from 2000 to 2009: a nationwide sequential survey on organizational aspects
Local infiltration analgesia with levobupivacaine compared with intrathecal morphine in total hip arthroplasty patients
Diclofenac–tramadol vs. diclofenac–acetaminophen combinations for pain relief after caesarean section
Positive fluid balance is associated with reduced survival in critically ill patients with cancer
Red blood cell transfusion during septic shock in the ICU
Impact of shed blood products on stimulated cytokine release in an in vitro model of transfusion
Agreement between cardiac outputs by four-dimensional echocardiography and thermodilution method is poor
Lung elastance and transpulmonary pressure can be determined without using oesophageal pressure measurements
Haemodynamic stability and pulmonary shunt during spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation in porcine lung collapse
Intubation of the morbidly obese patient: GlideScope® vs. Fastrach™
Light levels of anaesthesia after relaxation for tracheal intubation – comparison of succinylcholine and cis-atracurium
Thiopental dose requirements for induction of anaesthesia and subsequent endotracheal intubation in patients with complete spinal cord injuries
Dynamic variables of fluid responsiveness during pneumoperitoneum and laparoscopic surgery
Effect of a fluid challenge on the Surgical Pleth Index during stable propofol–remifentanil anaesthesia
Emergency extracorporeal membrane oxygenation to treat massive aspiration during anaesthesia induction. A case report
Implementation of safety checklists in medicine: not as simple as it sounds
Ensuring direct laryngoscopy will not become an extinct skill
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