ARDS – insights from Iceland and definitions from Berlin
Beyond survival
Continuous evaluation of neurological prognosis after cardiac arrest
Fluid therapy in uncontrolled hemorrhage – what experimental models have taught us
Maternal and foetal effects of remifentanil for general anaesthesia in parturients undergoing caesarean section: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Acute respiratory distress syndrome: nationwide changes in incidence, treatment and mortality over 23 years
Intensive care and traumatic brain injury after the introduction of a treatment protocol: a prospective study
Vital dysfunctions after intensive care discharge: prevalence and impact on patient outcome
Intensive buffering can keep pH above 7.2 for over 4 h during apnea: an experimental porcine study
Refractory cardiac arrest in a rural area: mechanical chest compression during helicopter transport
The LMA-SupremeTM as an intubation conduit in patients with known difficult airways: a prospective evaluation study
Open-heart surgery increases cerebrospinal fluid levels of Alzheimer-associated amyloid β
Nociceptive stimuli responses at different levels of general anaesthesia and genetic variability
Emergence agitation in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy: a comparison of sevoflurane vs. sevoflurane-remifentanil administration
Hypersensitivity reactions to Patent Blue V in breast cancer surgery: a prospective multicentre study
Prevalence of saphenous nerve injury after adductor-canal-blockade in patients receiving total knee arthroplasty
Hyperbaric articaine with or without fentanyl in spinal anaesthesia: patient and observer blinded comparison
Predictors of laterality of motor block during epidural analgesia in a mixed surgical population
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