Regional anaesthesia and cancer metastases: the implication of local anaesthetics
Does uncontrolled cardiac death for organ donation raise ethical questions? An opinion survey
Survey of central venous catheterisation practice in Sweden
Long-term effects of post-ischaemic oestrogen on brain injury in a rat transient forebrain ischaemia model
Do pre-hospital anaesthesiologists reliably predict mortality using the NACA severity score? A retrospective cohort study
Effects of adrenaline on rhythm transitions in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Limitations of medical treatment among patients attended by the rapid response team
Evolution of anaesthesia care and related events between 1996 and 2010 in Switzerland
Impact of national guidelines on reporting anaphylaxis during anaesthesia – an outcome audit
Perioperative anaesthetic practice for head and neck free tissue transfer – a UK national survey
Cerebral hyperaemia after isoflurane anaesthesia for craniotomy of patients with supratentorial brain tumour
Post-operative Quality of Recovery Scale: the impact of assessment method on cognitive recovery
Addition of lidocaine to bupivacaine for spinal anaesthesia compared with bupivacaine spinal anaesthesia and local infiltration anaesthesia
The stability of a sulphite-free epidural analgesic solution containing fentanyl, bupivacaine, and adrenaline
Compartment syndrome diagnosed in due time by breakthrough pain despite continuous peripheral nerve block
TTE for fluid responsiveness?
Automated external defibrillators are not always located to meet the need
Epidemiology and management of traumatic injuries: a population-based study of fatal trauma and assessment of geographical challenges in the organisation of trauma care
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