Metabolic control, does it matter?
Complex regional pain syndrome type I: a comprehensive review
Epidural analgesia in patients with traumatic rib fractures: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Twenty-four hour hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp improves postoperative nitrogen balance only in low insulin sensitivity patients following cardiac surgery
Positive end-expiratory pressure titration at bedside using electrical impedance tomography in post-operative cardiac surgery patients
Inflammation in cold complex regional pain syndrome
Prevalence and predictors of persistent post-surgical pain 12 months after thoracotomy
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy attenuates central sensitization induced by a thermal injury in humans
Cognitive testing with the Post-Operative Quality of Recovery Scale in pre-surgery cancer patients – a controlled study
Biomarkers of inflammation in major vascular surgery: a prospective randomised trial
Effects of propofol or desflurane on post-operative spirometry in elderly after knee surgery: a double-blind randomised study
Genetic variation influences the risk of bleeding after cardiac surgery: novel associations and validation of previous findings
Failed needle decompression of bilateral spontaneous tension pneumothorax
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Aspiration of a plastic disk from the Murphy's eye of an endotracheal tube
Hypervolaemia, the glycocalyx layer and the kinetics of infusion fluids
Assessment and management of bariatric surgery patients
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