Break a neck
Post-operative analgesia: focus has been on benefit – are we forgetting the harm?
Adverse event assessment and reporting in trials of newer treatments for post-operative pain
Scandinavian SSAI clinical practice guideline on pre-hospital airway management
Usability of dexmedetomidine for deep sedation in infants and small children with respiratory morbidities
Oliguria without serum creatinine increase after living donor liver transplantation is associated with adverse post-operative outcomes
Fluid filtration and vascular compliance during cardiopulmonary bypass: effects of two volatile anesthetics
Desmopressin after cardiac surgery in bleeding patients. A multicenter randomized trial
Cell saver processing mitigates the negative effects of wound blood on platelet function
Anaesthetists stress is induced by patient ASA grade and may impair non-technical skills during intubation
Estimated economic impact of pre-filled ephedrine syringes in the operating room
Association between fluid balance and mortality in patients with septic shock: a post hoc analysis of the TRISS trial
Cerebral microemboli detected by transcranial doppler in patients treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Shock treatment in a cohort of Scandinavian intensive care units in 2014
Zero expiratory pressure and low oxygen concentration promote heterogeneity of regional ventilation and lung densities
Bedside diagnosis of persistent post-sternotomy pain
Dexamethasone as adjuvant for femoral nerve block following knee arthroplasty: a randomized, controlled study
Smoking history, nicotine dependence and opioid use in patients with chronic non-malignant pain
Teaching ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia remotely: a feasibility study
Safety of the lateral trauma position in cervical spine injuries: a cadaver model study
Arterial pressure, end-tidal carbon dioxide, and central venous oxygen saturation in reflecting compression depth
The analgesic effects of exogenous melatonin in humans
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