Current evidence is not in support of lipid rescue therapy in local anaesthetic systemic toxicity
Comparing efficacy and safety of fibrinogen concentrate to cryoprecipitate in bleeding patients: a systematic review
Post-operative cognitive dysfunction at 3 months in adults after non-cardiac surgery: a qualitative systematic review
Post-anaesthetic emergence delirium in adults: incidence, predictors and consequences
Effect of sevoflurane anaesthesia on hepatic blood flow in infants with obstructive hepatobiliary disease
Manual vs. pressure-controlled facemask ventilation for anaesthetic induction in paralysed children: a randomised controlled trial
The rare Arg181Cys mutation in the μ opioid receptor can abolish opioid responses
Long term end-stage renal disease and death following acute renal replacement therapy in the ICU
Early chest computed tomography in adult acute severe community-acquired pneumonia patients treated in the intensive care unit
Pain rather than induced emotions and ICU sound increases skin conductance variability in healthy volunteers
Perceived cognitive impairments after critical illness: a longitudinal study in survivors and family member controls
Open lung approach ventilation abolishes the negative effects of respiratory rate in experimental lung injury
Phrenic palsy and analgesic quality of continuous supraclavicular vs. interscalene plexus blocks after shoulder surgery
The effect of chlorzoxazone on acute pain after spine surgery. A randomized, blinded trial
Visuospatial ability and novice brachial plexus sonography performance
Impact of acute kidney injury on patient outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a prospective observational study
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