About Nonassociativity in Mathematics and Physics
Analytic Composition Laws with Identities
Quasigroups, Geometry and Nonlinear Geometric Algebra
Some Applications of Geodesic Loops and Nonlinear Geometric Algebra in the Theory of Gravity
Continuous Moufang Transformations
Sugawara Construction for the Birepresentation of the Moufang Loop
Geometry of Planes over Nonassociative Algebras
Division Algebras, Galois Fields, Quadratic Residues
Cayley–Dickson Procedure, Relativistic Wave Equations and Supersymmetric Oscillators
An Introduction to the Lie–Santilli Theory
Embedding of Lie Algebras in Isogeneralized Structurable Algebras
Isorepresentations of the Lie-Isotopic SU(2) Algebra with Applications to Nuclear Physics and to Local Realism
Remarks on Nonassociative Structures in Quantum Projective Field Theory
Conformal Mappings, Hyperanalyticity and Field Dynamics