International Conference ‘Algebra and Combinatorics
Lev Arkad'evich Kalužnin (1914–1990)
Reconstructibility of Graphs with a Large Branch
Odd Systems of Vectors and Related Lattices
Completeness for Uniformly Delayed Circuits, A Survey
Group Actions, Double Cosets, and Homomorphisms
Reductive Enumeration Under Mutually Orthogonal Group Actions
Reaction Graphs
The κ-Orbit Reconstruction for Abelian and Hamiltonian Groups
The Structure of Schur Rings Over Cyclic Groups of Square-Free Order
Nearly Linear Time Algorithms for Permutation Groups
Line Hypergraphs
On the Varieties of Parabolic Subgroups, their Generalizations and Combinatorial Applications
Composition of Plane Trees
Representations of Lattice Terms by Means of Graphs
Congruence Identities and their Local Versions
An Extremal Characterization of the Incidence Graphs of Projective Planes
Symmetry Description of OD Crystal Structures in Group Theoretical Terms
On Combinatorial Papers of König and Steinitz
Invariants of Algebras and Finite Groups
A Presentation and a Representation of the Held Group
The Sylow p-Subgroups of a Limiting (Stable) Linear Group over an Algebraically Closed Field
The Clone Space as a Metric Space
Free Algebras over Biregularizations of Varieties
Noetherian Equations for Matrices
The Minimal Polynomials of Unipotent Elements in Irreducible Representations of the Special Linear Group