A White-Noise Approach to Stochastic Calculus
Stochastic Dynamics of Compact Spins : Ergodicity and Irreducibility
Infinite-Dimensional Analysis and Analytic Number Theory
Bell Numbers, Log-Concavity, and Log-Convexity*
Poisson Equations Associated with Differential Second Quantization Operators in White Noise Analysis*
Exponential Moments of Solutions for Nonlinear Equations with Catalytic Noise and Large Deviation*
Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Path Integral and Its Application*
Remarks on a Noncanonical Representation for a Stationary Gaussian Process
A White Noise Approach to Stochastic Neumann Boundary-Value Problems
Quantum Cable Equations in Terms of Generalized Operators*
Large Deviation Theorems for Gaussian Processes and Their Applications in Information Theory
Generalized Functions in Signal Theory
Ergodic Properties of Random Positive Semigroups
Wiener–Itô Theorem in Terms of Wick Tensors*
Donsker's Delta Function of Lévy Process
Approximation of Hunt Processes by Multivariate Poisson Processes
Bayes Formula for Optimal Filter with n-ple Markov Gaussian Errors
One Loop Approximation of the Chern–Simons Integral
Quantum Mechanics and Brownian Motions*
Complex White Noise and Coherent State Representations
Complexity in Dynamics and Computation
On the Theory of KM2O-Langevin Equations for Stationary Flows (2) : Construction Theorem*
Vector Bundle-Valued Poisson and Cauchy Kernel Functions on Classical Domains
On Differential Operators in White Noise Analysis
Stochastic Differentiation – A Generalized Approach
A Stochastic Process Generated by the Lévy Laplacian
Recurrence-Transience for Self-similar Additive Processes Associated with Stable Distributions
Semigroup Domination on a Riemannian Manifold with Boundary
The Product of Independent Random Variables with Regularly Varying Tails
Entropy in Subordination and Filtering
Asymptotic Windings of Brownian Motion Paths on Riemann Surfaces