Theory of Almost Algebraic Poincaré Complexes and Local Combinatorial Hirzebruch Formula
‘Twice’ Equivariant C *-Index Theorem and the Index Theorem for Families
New Perturbation Theory for Quantum Field Theory
A Criterion for the Second Real Continuous Bounded Cohomology of a Locally Compact Group to be Finite-Dimensional*
Quasi-Orthogonalization of Functionals on l2(A)
The Generalized Chern Character and Lefschetz Numbers in W*-Modules
Almost, Asymptotic and Fredholm Representations of Discrete Groups
Arrangements of Hyperplanes and the Number of Threshold Functions
Hilbertian Versus Hilbert W*-Modules and Applications to L 2- and other invariants*
Steenrod Operation in Certain Cobordism Theories