Monodromy of Hypersurface Singularities
The Long-Eight-Figure Spines of Lens Spaces and Binary Trees
Simple Examples of Symplectic Four-manifolds with Exotic Properties
Special Varieties and Classification Theory
The Complexity of 2-Fold Branched Coverings of a 3-Sphere*
Symmetric Functions, Noncommutative Symmetric Functions, and Quasisymmetric Functions
Monodromy Invariants – From Symplectic to Smooth Manifolds
Monodromy of Rational KZ Equations and Some Related Topics*
Holomorphic Symplectic Manifolds and Lagrangian Fibrations
Finite-Type Invariants of Cubic Complexes
A Threefold of General Type with q 1=q 2=p g =P 2=0
Equivariant Casson Invariants and Links of Singularities
Numerical Burniat and Irregular Surfaces
Monodromy of Variations of Hodge Structure
On the Degeneration, Regeneration and Braid Monodromy of T×T
New Component of the Moduli Space M(2;0,3) of Stable Vector Bundles on the Double Space P 3 of Index Two
On Poisson–Malcev Structures