A Nonlinear Spencer Complex for the Group of Invertible Differential Operators and Its Applications
On Non-Abelian Coverings Over the Liouville Equation
Reducibility of Zero Curvature Representations with Application to Recursion Operators
Cyclic Bases of Zero-Curvature Representations
A Strange Recursion Operator for a New Integrable System of Coupled Korteweg–de Vries Equations
Locality of Symmetries Generated by Nonhereditary, Inhomogeneous, and Time-Dependent Recursion Operators
Deformation and Recursion for the N = 2α = 1 Supersymmetric KdV Hierarchy
On the Obstruction to Linearizability of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Green Formula and Legendre Transformation
On the Integrability Conditions for Some Structures Related to Evolution Differential Equations
On Conservation Laws for the Toda Equations
A Simple Way of Making a Hamiltonian System Into a Bi-Hamiltonian One