Factorizable Groups and Formations
On Finite 2-Groups with Relatively Large Centralizers of Noninvariant Subgroups
About Primary Lattices of a Large Geometric Dimension
The Neighbourhood of Dihedral 2-Groups
On the Number of Solutions of the Equation a 1 x 1 m1 + … + a n x n m n = bx 1 … x n in a Finite Field
Linear Representations of the Braid Groups of Some Manifolds
Construction of Semigroups with Some Exotic Properties
Combinatorial and Logical Aspects of Linear Groups and Chevalley Groups
On Mixed cs-Groups
Groups which Are Factorized by Subgroups of Finite Exponents
Decomposition and Group Theoretic Characterization of Pairs of Inverse Relations of the Riordan Type
The Combinatorial Identity on the Jacobian Conjecture
An Investigation of the Fields of Bounded Formal Power Series by Means of Theory of Cuts
On Some Applications of Transformation Group Theory
The Maximal Subloops of the Simple Moufang Loop of Order 1080
Zero Homomorphism Groups of Abelian Groups
Almost Isomorphic Torsion-Free Abelian Groups and Similarity of Homogeneously Decomposable Groups
A Characterization of Lie Algebras of Skew-Symmetric Elements
Indecomposable Sylow 2-Subgroups of Simple Groups
On Strong Reality of Finite Simple Groups
Groups of Exponential Algebras
Isomorphisms of the Unitriangular Groups and Associated Lie Rings for the Exceptional Dimensions
On the Problem of J. Wiegold
A General Version of Standard Basis and its Application to T-Ideals
Sylow Subgroups of the Chevalley Groups and Associated (Weakly) Finitary Groups and Rings
On the Functions on Linear Spaces
Automorphisms Group of an Invariant Subalgebra of a Reductive Lie Algebra
On Groups with Frobenius Elements
Centralizer-Graph Finiteness Conditions in the Class of AT-Groups
Groups with Conditions of Finiteness
On Classes of Infinite Groups with Involutions
Ideals of Some Matrix Rings
T-Radicals in the Category of Modules
On Products of Nonnormal Subgroups of Finite Soluble Groups
Semigroup Varieties with 1.5-Permutable Fully Invariant Congruences on their Free Objects
Symmetric Functions, Noncommutative Symmetric Functions and Quasisymmetric Functions II