Alteration of substrate specificities of thermophilic α/β hydrolases through domain swapping and domain interface optimization
Functional expression of a Bombyx mori cocoonase
Angiotensin II type I receptor agonistic autoantibody-induced apoptosis in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes is dependent on the generation of tumor necrosis factor-α
Small interfering RNA targeted to secretory clusterin blocks tumor growth, motility, and invasion in breast cancer
Beneficial effects of ginsenoside-Rg1 on ischemia-induced angiogenesis in diabetic mice
YB-1 immunization combined with regulatory T-cell depletion induces specific T-cell responses that protect against neuroblastoma in the early stage
A method mediated AAVS1 recombination with Rep mRNA and homologous arms
Association of inflammatory response gene polymorphism with atherothrombotic stroke in Northern Han Chinese