Medical applications of the intrinsic mechanical properties of single cells
Decreased expression of GLUT4 in male CG-IUGR rats may play a vital role in their increased susceptibility to diabetes mellitus in adulthood
Activation of Na+/K+-ATPase attenuates high glucose-induced H9c2 cell apoptosis via suppressing ROS accumulation and MAPKs activities by DRm217
Combination of onconase and dihydroartemisinin synergistically suppresses growth and angiogenesis of non–small-cell lung carcinoma and malignant mesothelioma
Anti-nociceptive roles of the glia-specific metabolic inhibitor fluorocitrate in paclitaxel-evoked neuropathic pain
A subunit vaccine based on rH-NS induces protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by inducing the Th1 immune response and activating macrophages
MiR-98 promotes chondrocyte apoptosis by decreasing Bcl-2 expression in a rat model of osteoarthritis
Gender difference in valproic acid-induced neuroprotective effects on APP/PS1 double transgenic mice modeling Alzheimer's disease
Human galectin-2 interacts with carbohydrates and peptides non-classically
Structure features of GH10 xylanase from Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
The effect of matrix stiffness on biomechanical properties of chondrocytes