Chemical strategies for pancreatic β cell differentiation, reprogramming, and regeneration
Response of human non-small-cell lung cancer cells to the influence of Wogonin with SGK1 dynamics
Enhanced tenogenic differentiation and tendon-like tissue formation by CHIP overexpression in tendon-derived stem cells
Resveratrol derivative BTM-0512 mitigates obesity by promoting beige remodeling of subcutaneous preadipocytes
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Identification and characterization of GRA6/GRA7 of Neospora caninum in MDBK cells
Ursolic acid derivative FZU-03,010 inhibits STAT3 and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in renal and breast cancer cells
CMV promoter and the mouse albumin promoter and enhancer triggered the elevation of hepatitis B virus envelope polypeptides
Elabela, a new endogenous ligand of APJ, functions in embryos and adults organisms