Luis A. Carneiro
A colour and size dimorphism in the green swordtail (population Jalapa)
Male singing behaviour and female presence in the territory in whitethroats Sylvia communis
Sheltering behaviour of Macrobrachium nobilii (Henderson and Matthai, 1910)
Red kangaroos ( Macropus rufus ) receive an antipredator benefit from aggregation
Behavioural and physiological consequences of home advantage resource holding in male guinea pigs
Social interactions among wild female Bechstein's bats ( Myotis bechsteinii ) living in a maternity colony
Resource allocation in Wilson's storm-petrels Oceanites oceanicus determined by measurement of glucocorticoid excretion
The influence of domestic piglets' ( Sus scrofa ) age and test experience on the preference for the replayed maternal nursing vocalisation in a modified open-field test