A Functional Limit Theorem Related to Natural Divisors
Addendum to the Paper of E. Manstavičius and M. N. Timofeev “A Functional Limit Theorem Related to Natural Divisors”
A Note on Sheaf Representation in Arithmetical Varieties
Inequalities for Some Infinite Series
Asymptotics for the Greatest Zeros of Szegö's Generalization of the Hermite Polynomials
A Generalized Pexider Equation
Entropy Ideals and Matrix Operators of Besov-Type
Generalized Open Sets
Hardy and Paley Inequalities for Fully-Odd Vilenkin Systems
Isotone Maps as Maps of Congruences I. Abstract Maps
Geometry of Tubes About ϕ-Geodesics on Sasakian Manifolds
A Note on Pointwise Convergence