Some Remarks on Geometric Simple Connectivity
On Some Special Pseudoconvex Spaces
Submanifolds in the Context of Infinite Dimensional Manifolds with Corners
Approximate Controllability for Semilinear Systems
Oscillation Theorems for a Nonlinear System of Differential Equations
Some Remarks on Singular Integrals and Power Weights on Vilenkin Groups*
On the Equation Y n =ƒ(X) Over Function Fields of Positive Characteristic
Characterization of the Function Classes C(Y)|X
On the Local Homology Theory for Artinian Modules
Self Extending Rings
Equivalent Sets of Consequences of Linear Inequality Systems
New Effects of an Old Z. Zalcwasser's Theorem
Fixed Point Theorems for New Classes of Multimaps
On the Strong Summability of Orthogonal Series