On an Identity of Ramanujan
Inequalities for the Derivatives of Rational Functions with Real Zeros
A Self-centralizing Subgroup of S-stable Groups
Finite Quasi-uniform Extensions. II
On Upper and Lower Almost β-continuous Multifunctions
Besov Spaces and a Trace Ideal
Ultrafilters and Regular Extensions of Re-proximities
On Certain Integral Operators of Fractional Type
A Note on Mixing Properties of Certain Associated Processes
On the Convergence of Weighted Sums of L q-Mixingale Arrays
On Spaces with Hereditarily Compact α-Topologies
Factorizing Dimension-Like Properties of Subsets of Topological Spaces
Mutual Generics and Perfect Free Subsets
On Uniform Connectedness in Nearness Frames
Correction to “Submanifolds in the Context of Infinite Dimensional Manifolds with Corners”