Confluent and Open Retractible Continua
Special Simultaneous Quasi-uniform Extensions
Inequalities for a Multiple Integral
On the Subalgebra Lattice of Unary Algebras
Mean Convergence of Extended Lagrange Interpolation with Freud Weights
Monotone Iterations for First Order Differential Equations with a Parameter
On the Rough Theory of Hermite-Fejér Type Interpolation of Higher Order*
Finite Group Actions on Spin c Bundles
G-Quasiasymptotics at Infinity
On the Equivalence of Minimax Theorems
Foliations of the Sasakian Space R2n+1 by Minimal Slant Submanifolds
Bernstein-Type Approximation Processes for Vector-valued Functions
Bitopologies on Totally Ordered Sets