Simultaneous Extensions Revisited
The Number of Compatible Totally Bounded Quasi-Uniformities
A Note on Total Boundedness
The Scott Approach Structure
A New Uniform Convergence for Partial Functions
On Compactness with Respect to Countable Extensions of Ideals and the Generalized Banach Category Theorem
Some Cartesian Closed Topological Constructs in the Category of Semi-Approach Uniform Limit Spaces
G-Uniformities, LR -Proximities and Hypertopologies
A Generalization of θ-Regularity and Bitopological Covering Properties
Transfinite Extension of Steinke's Dimension
Topological Conjugations of Normal Forms in Bifurcations
An Interval Counterexample on Topological Sequence Entropy
A Characterization of C k (X) as a Fréchet ƒ-Algebra
Some Remarks on Right K -Completion of Quasi-Uniform Spaces
Subadditive Separating Maps
Some Results on Topological Dynamics of Antitriangular Maps