Proximal Set-Open Topologies on Partial Maps

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Let X, Y be T1 topological spaces. A partial map from X to Y is a continuous function ƒ whose domain is a subspace D of X and whose codomain is Y. Let P(X, Y) be the set of partial maps with domains in a fixed class D. In analogy with the global case, we introduce on P(X, Y), whatever be the nature of the domain class D, new function space topologies, the proximal set-open topologies, briefly PSOTs, deriving from general networks on X and proximity on Y by replacing inclusion with strong inclusion. The PSOTs include the already known generalized compact-open topology on partial maps with closed domains. When domains are supposed closed, the network α closed and hereditarily closed and the proximity δ on Y Efremovic, then the PSOT attached to α and δ is uniformizable iff α is a Urysohn family in X.

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