Oscillation Theorems for Nonlinear Second Order Differential Equations with Damping
On a Norm Inequality with Respect to Vilenkin-Like Systems
The Measure of Noncompactness of Linear Operators between Spaces of Strongly C 1 Summable and Bounded Sequences
Idealization of Some Weak Separation Axioms
Finite Extensions of Topogenities
Exact Controllability of a Damped Wave Equation with Distributed Controls
On the Sunouchi Operator with Respect to the Walsh-Kaczmarz System
A Note on Factorization of Inequalities
On Wagner Connections and Wagner Manifolds
Shyness of Sets in the Space of Automorphisms on [0, 1],
On a Problem of Fabrykowski and Subbarao Concerning Quasi Multiplicative Functions Satisfying a Congruence Property
Modified (0, 2)-Interpolation on the Roots of Jacobi Polynomials. II (Convergence)