Stroke recurrence within the first year following cerebral infarction – Tottori University Lacunar Infarction Prognosis Study (TULIPS)*
Association of lacunar infarcts with small artery and large artery disease
The FABP2 gene polymorphism in cerebrovascular disease
Diffusion-weighted MRI during early global cerebral hypoxia
Spectrum of cutaneous hyperalgesias/allodynias in neuropathic pain patients
CD45RA+ ICAM-3+ lymphocytes in interferon-β1b-treated and -untreated patients with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis
Interferon beta-1b modulates serum sVCAM-1 levels in primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Cavernous haemangiomas, epilepsy and treatment strategies
The relationship between symptoms and electrophysiological detected compression of the median nerve at the wrist
Turns-amplitude analysis of the electromyographic recruitment pattern following upper motor neuron lesions
The outcome of pseudotumor cerebri induced by tetracycline therapy
Descriptions of treatment effects in neurology textbooks recommended for medical students
Atlas of Neonatal electroencephalography
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