Microdysgenesis in epilepsy
Uncontrolled epilepsy following discontinuation of antiepileptic drugs in seizure-free patients
Deep-brain stimulation in the subthalamic nuclei improves balance performance in patients with Parkinson's disease, when tested without anti-parkinsonian medication
Headache characteristics in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and insomnia
No relationship between vasoactive intestinal polypeptide expression and headache in pituitary tumours
Low blood pressure is a better predictor of cognitive deficits than the apolipoprotein e4 allele in the oldest old
Dynamics of cytochrome c oxidase activity in acute ischemic stroke
Clinical characteristics of patients with ischemic ocular nerve palsies and lacunar brain infarcts
FDG-PET and MRI in potassium channel antibody-associated non-paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis
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