Expression of the intermediate filament protein synemin in myofibrillar myopathies and other muscle diseases
Persistent elF2α(P) is colocalized with cytoplasmic cytochrome c in vulnerable hippocampal neurons after 4 hours of reperfusion following 10-minute complete brain ischemia
Sub-cellular pathology of scrapie
Increased expression of neurotrophins and their receptors in the mechanically compressed spinal cord of the spinal hyperostotic mouse (twy/twy)
Recovery versus death of “dark” (compacted) neurons in non-impaired parenchymal environment
Pathological involvement of the motor neuron system and hippocampal formation in motor neuron disease-inclusion dementia
Features of cell death in brain and liver, the target tissues of progressive neuronal degeneration of childhood with liver diseas (Alpers-Huttenlocher disease)
Immunoexpression of 14-3-3 proteins in glial cytoplasmic inclusions of multiple system atrophy
Polymorphism of the codon 129 of the prion protein (PrP) gene and neuropathology of cerebral ageing
Enhanced expression of E-selectin on the vascular endothelium of peripheral nerve in critically ill patients with neuromuscular disorders
Lewy body densities in the entorhinal and anterior cingulate cortex predict cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy in aged Chinese
Neuropathological features of a case with schizophrenia and prion protein gene P102L mutation before onset of Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease
The interpretation of β-APP immunoreactivity