A new neurophysiological/neuropathological ex vivo model localizes the origin of glioma-associated epileptogenesis in the invasion area
Spinal root avulsion-induced upregulation of osteopontin expression in the adult rat spinal cord
Expression and functional activity of osteoprotegerin in human malignant gliomas
Absence of prostate apoptosis response-4 protein in substantia nigra of Parkinson's disease autopsies
Longitudinal pathologic study of the gastrocnemius muscle group in mdx mice
Passive transfer of purified IgG from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to mice results in degeneration of motor neurons accompanied by Ca2+ enhancement
Absence of allelic loss in cytomegalic neurons of cortical tuber in the Eker rat model of tuberous sclerosis
Expression of BRI, the normal precursor of the amyloid protein of familial British dementia, in human brain
Expression of lysosome-related proteins and genes in the skeletal muscles of inclusion body myositis
PrPSc -like prion protein conformer in sudden infant death syndrome brain
Lissencephaly with agenesis of corpus callosum and rudimentary dysplastic cerebellum
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