An isomorphic subtype of long-term epilepsy-associated astrocytomas associated with benign prognosis
Glial reactions and the clearance of amyloid β protein in the brains of patients with hereditary cerebral hemorrhage with amyloidosis-Dutch type
Increased expression of neuronal cyclooxygenase-2 in the hippocampus in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis both with and without dementia
Activation of murine cytomegalovirus immediate-early promoter in mouse brain after transplantation of the neural stem cells
The beneficial effect of mild hypothermia in a rat model of repeated thromboembolic insults
Fetal allogeneic dopaminergic cell suspension grafts in the ventricular system of the rat
Relationships between ultrastructural scrapie pathology and patterns of abnormal prion protein accumulation
Ultrastructural detection of DNA fragmentation in myonuclei of fatal reducing body myopathy
Relative expression of human telomerase catalytic subunit (hTERT) transcripts in astrocytic gliomas
Slow component of axonal transport is impaired in the proximal axon of transgenic mice with a G93A mutant SOD1 gene
Ultrastructural study of mitochondria in the spinal cord of transgenic mice with a G93A mutant SOD1 gene
Neonatal spinal muscular atrophy with multiple contractures, bone fractures, respiratory insufficiency and 5q13 deletion
Amyloid β peptide 1-42 highly correlates with capillary cerebral amyloid angiopathy and Alzheimer disease pathology