Frontotemporal lobar degeneration with motor neuron disease-type inclusions predominates in 76 cases of frontotemporal degeneration
Adult onset thalamocerebellar degeneration in dogs associated to neuronal storage of ceroid lipopigment
Hydrocephalus following prenatal exposure to ethanol
Distribution of tuft-shaped astrocytes in the cerebral cortex in progressive supranuclear palsy
A two-hour window for hypothermic modulation of early events that impact delayed opening of the rat blood-brain barrier after ischemia
DNA methylation of multiple promoter-associated CpG islands in meningiomas
Expression and cellular distribution of high- and low-affinity neurotrophin receptors in malformations of cortical development
Exclusive association and simultaneous appearance of congophilic plaques and AT8-positive dystrophic neurites in Tg2576 mice suggest a mechanism of senile plaque formation and progression of neuritic dystrophy in Alzheimer's disease
Evolution of pathological changes in the gastrocnemius of the mdx mice correlate with utrophin and β-dystroglycan expression
Experimental Usutu virus infection of suckling mice causes neuronal and glial cell apoptosis and demyelination
Pigmented astrocytoma with suprasellar location