Clarifying the pathological progression of Parkinson's disease
A not entirely benign procedure
Animal models of Parkinson's disease progression
Applicability of current staging/categorization of α-synuclein pathology and their clinical relevance
The progression of pathology in longitudinally followed patients with Parkinson's disease
Cortical α-synuclein load is associated with amyloid-β plaque burden in a subset of Parkinson's disease patients
Prevalence and impact of vascular and Alzheimer pathologies in Lewy body disease
Evidence that incidental Lewy body disease is pre-symptomatic Parkinson's disease
Reduced striatal tyrosine hydroxylase in incidental Lewy body disease
α-Synuclein pathology in the neostriatum in Parkinson's disease
Morphometry of the human substantia nigra in ageing and Parkinson's disease
Neuronal pentraxin II is highly upregulated in Parkinson's disease and a novel component of Lewy bodies
Curcumin inhibits aggregation of α-synuclein
Kurt Jellinger Prize 2008 for Outstanding Scientific Writing in Neuropathology