Oncogenic role of microRNAs in brain tumors
Unified staging system for Lewy body disorders : correlation with nigrostriatal degeneration, cognitive impairment and motor dysfunction
Staging/typing of Lewy body related α-synuclein pathology : a study of the BrainNet Europe Consortium
Selective acquisition of IDH1 R132C mutations in astrocytomas associated with Li-Fraumeni syndrome
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Expression of EAAT-1 distinguishes choroid plexus tumors from normal and reactive choroid plexus epithelium
APP/PS1KI bigenic mice develop early synaptic deficits and hippocampus atrophy
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Neurofibrillary and neurodegenerative pathology in APP-transgenic mice injected with AAV2-mutant TAU : neuroprotective effects of Cerebrolysin
Hippocampal sclerosis with four-repeat tau-positive round inclusions in the dentate gyrus : a new type of four-repeat tauopathy
Purkinje cell axonal torpedoes are unrelated to advanced aging and likely reflect cerebellar injury
Phosphoglycerate mutase deficiency : case report of a manifesting heterozygote with a novel E154K mutation and very late onset