Intraneuronal β-amyloid accumulation and synapse pathology in Alzheimer's disease
Analysis of microdissected human neurons by a sensitive ELISA reveals a correlation between elevated intracellular concentrations of Aβ42 and Alzheimer's disease neuropathology
Accumulation of intraneuronal Aβ correlates with ApoE4 genotype
Focal demyelination in Alzheimer's disease and transgenic mouse models
Quantification of myelin loss in frontal lobe white matter in vascular dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia with Lewy bodies
Abnormal tau phosphorylation in primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Gene expression analysis of the microvascular compartment in multiple sclerosis using laser microdissected blood vessels
Canine distemper virus persistence in demyelinating encephalitis by swift intracellular cell-to-cell spread in astrocytes is controlled by the viral attachment protein
Tumour cell migration in adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas is promoted by activated Wnt-signalling
Association of molecular alterations, including BRAF, with biology and outcome in pilocytic astrocytomas
Post-chemotherapy maturation of a pineoblastoma
Kurt Jellinger Prize 2010 for Outstanding Scientific Writing in Neuropathology