Molecular diagnostics of brain tumors
Molecular diagnostics of CNS embryonal tumors
Molecular diagnostics of gliomas
Molecular diagnostics of gliomas
Soluble hyper-phosphorylated tau causes microtubule breakdown and functionally compromises normal tau in vivo
Pharmacologic reversal of neurogenic and neuroplastic abnormalities and cognitive impairments without affecting Aβ and tau pathologies in 3xTg-AD mice
Mitochondrial abnormalities in the putamen in Parkinson's disease dyskinesia
Cell type specific sequestration of choline acetyltransferase and tyrosine hydroxylase within Lewy bodies
Glucocerebrosidase is present in α-synuclein inclusions in Lewy body disorders
Aquaporin-4 astrocytopathy in Baló's disease
Novel demonstration of amyloid-β oligomers in sporadic inclusion-body myositis muscle fibers
Dual role of B cells with accelerated onset but reduced disease activity in P0106–125-induced experimental autoimmune neuritis of IgH0/0 mice
Nodular bilateral amygdala degeneration in demented individuals