Comparing running therapy with physiotraining therapy in the treatment of mood disorders

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BackgroundDespite various studies, supportive evidence for the efficacy of exercise in treatment of mental illness is still weak.ObjectiveThe aim of this study was to compare two forms of exercise, namely running therapy (RT) and physiotraining therapy (PT), on stationary devices.MethodsPatients in a day treatment programme for treatment of affective disorders were randomly allocated to one of the exercise groups or to a control group. Depression scores, self-efficacy, physical conditions and appreciations of the training programme were measured.ResultsAfter 6 weeks, no significant differences were found between both the training groups and the control group; however, after 12 weeks, the physiotraining group showed significant improvement on scores for blind-rated Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression and on scores for self-rated Beck Depression Inventory 21-item version.ConclusionsOur results suggest that PT has advantages over RT. We speculate that an improved feeling of self-efficacy may be a mediating factor.

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