Human freedom and the brain
Neurobiological underpinnings of personality disorders
Causes, diagnoses and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder
Anxiety disorders
On psychodynamics of personal value-judgements - Nietzsche's theory of resentment and its reception by Karl Jaspers and Kurt Schneider
The role of diagnosis in psychiatric forensic examination
Immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
Importance of neurophysiological investigations in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
Clinical and neurochemical characteristics of pediatric multiple sclerosis - CSF analysis as knowledge base for differential diagnosis and pathophysiology
Urogenital dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis
Immunotherapy of multiple sclerosis
Are there gender differences in neurologic and psychiatric disturbances?
Gender differences in migraine
Special gender issues in psychiatry
Gender differences in epilepsy
Immune dysfunction, depression and neurodegeneration
Changes in immune and endocrine systems in posttraumatic stress disorder - prospective study
Immunological and histochemical analyses of cerebrospinal fluid and peripheral blood from patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders
Cerebrospinal fluid analysis for diagnosis of noninflammatory, dementive and psychiatric diseases
History of personality disorders
Treatment choice in psychiatry? Would trainees choose similar treatments to those prescribed, and what influences decision-making? A survey of the European Federation of Trainees' (EFPT) Research Group
Subjective well-being with antipsychotic treatment
EEG-based brain imaging techniques in psychiatry
Differences in cholesterol and metabolic syndrome between bipolar disorder men with and without suicide attempts
Management of stroke in central and east Europe
Psychopathy, dissocial personality disorder, evil
Recombinant forms of myelin antigens expressed on CHO cells as a tool for identification of autoantibodies in serum of MS patients
Cytogenetic analysis of MSRV POL, GAG, ENV sequences and genome instability in multiple sclerosis
Review of multiple sclerosis at the neurology clinic in Sarajevo during 2006
Differential down-regulation of soluble adhesion molecules during Natalizumab treatment
Epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in Tuzla canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brain white matter abnormalities in patients with Myotonic dystrophy type 1
Pain syndromes in patients with multiple sclerosis
Gender differences in quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients
Impact of environmental factors in exacerbation of patients with MS in Kosovo
Intrathecal IgM synthesis in children with multiple sclerosis is associated with a slower progression
The role of conventional MR imaging in diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Similarity and difference among multiple sclerosis group during psychiatric controls
Magnetic resonance of white matter lesions
Surveillance of Croatian pregnant women with epilepsy and effects of antiepileptic drugs exposure in their offspring
Public knowledge and predictors for negative attitudes toward patients with epilepsy in Croatia
Importance of early recognition of adverse drug reactions (ADR) induced by lamotrigine
Epilepsy and partial agenesis of corpus callosum (case report)
Aseptic meningitis, sensorineural hearing loss induced by simultaneous use of ibuprophen and ciprofloxacin
Etiologic aspects of carotid transient ischemic attacks
Is asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis really asymptomatic?
Unusual neck artery branching as a cause of transient ischemic attacks
Early treatment of cerebrovascular insult with atorvastatin application
Response to negative feedback in poststroke depression
Distorted cognitive schemas of self and the world in poststroke depression
Alternations of level of consciousness in acute stroke
Outcome of acute rehabilitation after stroke
Correlation between extra-cranial and transcranial Doppler in evaluation of ischemic stroke
Functional diagnostics of reading difficulties in dysphasic adults
Dysphagia in Huntington's disease - a course analysis
The characteristics of visual evoked potentials in speech impaired children
Differences in motor conductivity velocity (MCV) between Nervus tibialis and Nervus peroneus in case of diabetic polyneuropathy
Vertigo with hearing loss as the first symptom of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis originating from colorectal carcinoma
Cranial base tumors
Neurological manifestation of fabry disease - case report
Physical acceleration and experimental illusions in man
Blood flow velocity in medial cerebral artery during observation of own arm movement in a mirror
Dissection of the craniocervical arteries
Response to music in patients with acute ishaemic stroke
Whiplash injury - a medicolegal issue
Increased donor rate in Clinical Hospital “Sestre Milosrdnice”
Depressive migraine patients are prone to medication overuse
Prevalence of headache in adolescents
Management of patients with headache presenting to a neurological emergency room
Assessment of breath holding index during orthostasis
Median nerve dimensions measured using high-resolution ultrasound in healthy volunteers
Risk factors for the postoperative occlusion of the internal carotid artery
Pregnancy, birth, postpartum and their influence on bipolar affective disorder
Telepsychiatric services for follow-up war related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and enduring personality exchange (F62.0) after catastrophic expiriense
The influence of bipolar disorder on sexuality and partnership
Nutrition habits and symptoms of eating disorders
Neurobehavioral changes in patients with combat-related posttraumatic stress Disorder and chronic pain
Forensic dilemmas
From F43.1 and F 62.0 to secondary gain
Anxiety as a special concern in pregnancy and the postpartum period
The phenomenology of the behavioral disturbances in the Alzheimer's dementia
Influence of personality on sexual satisfaction in patients suffering from schizophrenia and depression
Connection between physical punishment of children and their depression and anxiety
Alcoholism and somatic comorbidity
Hazardous lifestyles in patients with schizophrenia treated with antipsychotics
Water poisoning with schizophrenic patients in conjunction with psychotic perceptions
Services for telepsychiatry - indicator for mobbing
Untreated schizophrenics in hard felony commitment
Psychosis and Parkinson's disease
Benzodiazepine derivatives consumption in the Republic of Croatia in 2005, 2006 and 2007
Identifying patients with suicidal ideation using transcranial sonography (TCS)
Burn-out syndrome and suicide ideation in psychiatry residents
Self-help groups in programs for treatment and rehabilitation of addicts - Croatian model of psychiatry in community
The most common physical disorders after subarachnoidal hemorrhage with patients with no previous diagnosis of AV malformation or Aneurysm
Hypergycemia in subarachnoid hemorrhage
Some epidemiologic characteristics of multiple sclerosis patients
Sociological characteristics of MS patients
Obesity and stroke in young adults
Public knowledge and predictors for negative attitudes toward patients with epilepsy in Croatia