Treatment of vaginal recurrence in endometrial cancer
Conservative versus radical surgery for tubal pregnancy
Effects of estradiol and interaction with progesterone or oxytocin on term human myometrial contractile activity
Births by younger and older mothers in a population with late and regulated childbearing
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Plasma cyclic GMP concentrations and their relationship with changes of blood pressure levels in pre-eclampsia
Cervical ripening and induction of delivery by local administration of prostaglandin E2 gel or vaginal tablets is equally effective
Premature rupture of the membranes (PROM) at term in nulliparous women with a ripe cervix
Effect of vaginal misoprostol application for cervical softening in pregnancy interruption before ten weeks of gestation
Estrogen and progestagen modify the hemodynamic response to mental stress in young women
Endocervical cell retrieval following excisional treatment of CIN
Successful conservative treatment of acute uterine inversion in a nulliparous woman
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Trisomy 12 mosaicism diagnosed by amniocentesis
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Multifetal pregnancy reduction
Multifetal pregnancy reduction
Monitoring of Pregnancy and Precition of Birth-date. Enzymatic and Ultrasonographic Methods.