Recent evolution within obstetrics
Maternal cerebral circulation in normal and abnormal pregnancies
Elevated levels of serum lipoprotein(a) and apolipoprotein(a) phenotype are not related to pre-eclampsia
Underreporting and misclassification of maternal mortality in Taiwan
Maternal mortality in different Pakistani sites
Maternal mortality in rural Zambia
Pregnancy-associated deaths in Finland 1987-1994 - definition problems and benefits of record linkage
Stillbirths and rate of neonatal deaths in 76,761 postterm pregnancies in Sweden, 1982-1991
Evidence that women with a history of cesarean section can deliver twins safely
Urinary retention in the post-partum period
Infertility in an industrial setting
Comparison of ethacridine lactate and prostaglandin E2 in second trimester medical abortion
How effectively do copper intrauterine devices prevent ectopic pregnancy?
Multiple induced abortions as risk factor for ectopic pregnancy
Age-period-cohort analysis of cervical cancer mortality in Taiwan, 1974-1992
Reproductive outcome after treatment of ectopic pregnancy with local injection of hypertonic glucose
Abdomino-amniotic shunting in isolated fetal ascites with polyhydramnios
Placental chorioangioma associated with fetal cardiac complication
Clear clinical remission of a diffuse metastasized ovarian clear cell carcinoma with third line chemotherapy
Choriocarcinoma of the small gut
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