A survey of etiological mechanisms and therapy of preterm labor
The influence of amniotic fluid on prostaglandin synthesis and metabolism in human fetal membranes
Amniocentesis before the 15th gestational week in single and twin gestations- complications and quality of genetic analysis
Serum levels of human placental lactogen, pregnancy-associated plasma protein A and endometrial secretory protein PP14 in first trimester of diabetic pregnancy
Smoking habits among pregnant women in Norway 1994-95
Soluble fibrin in plasma as a sign of activated coagulation in patients with pregnancy complications
The cumulative incidence of venous thromboembolism during pregnancy and puerperium
Reduction of serum citrulline levels in women at term toward the day of labor onset
Randomized comparison of rectal misoprostol with Syntometrine for management of third stage of labor
Umbilical cord blood acid-base values in uncomplicated term vaginal breech deliveries
Emergency hysterectomy in modern obstetric practice
Incidence of sex chromosome abnormalities in spermatozoa from patients entering an IVF or ICSI protocol
A halt in the secular trend towards earlier menarche in Denmark
Combined laboratory and diary method for objective assessment of menstrual blood loss
Oral contraceptive use in relation to smoking
Quality of care in abortion services in Finland
Sonographic evaluation of the myomectomy `scars'
Present state of diagnostics and therapy in female urinary incontinence
Incidence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade III, and cancer of the cervix uteri following a negative Pap-smear in an opportunistic screening
Platin-based chemotherapy and salvage surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer following negative second-look laparotomy
Iatrogenic brain injury during emergency cesarean section
In utero adrenal hemorrhage: clinical and imaging findings
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