Registry based perinatal research
The Medical Birth Registry of Norway. Epidemiological research and surveillance throughout 30 years
Birthweight by gestational age in Norway
Birthweight percentiles by gestational age in multiple births
Infants' length at birth: an independent effect on perinatal mortality
Birth defects and paternal occupational exposure. Hypotheses tested in a record linkage based dataset
Maternal reproductive history: a registry based comparison of previous pregnancy data derived from maternal recall and data obtained during the actual pregnancy
Assessing quality of obstetric care for low-risk deliveries; methodological problems in the use of population based mortality data
Maternal smoking and birthweight: effect modification of period, maternal age and paternal smoking
Pregnancy complications and delivery practice in women with connective tissue disease and inflammatory rheumatic disease in Norway
Outcome of pregnancies subsequent to placental abruption: a risk assessment
Obstetric history and the risk of placenta previa
Secular trends in peri- and neonatal mortality in breech presentation; Norway 1967-1994
Knowledge and attitudes of folate, and use of dietary supplements among women of reproductive age in Norway 1998
Protection of privacy against protection of health