Ethical issues in human embryonic stem cell research
Stem cells for obstetricians and gynecologists
Effects of hormones on uPA, PAI-1 and suPAR from cultured endometrial and ovarian endometriotic stromal cells
Antenatal diagnosis of hereditary fetal growth retardation with aminoaciduria, cholestasis, iron overload, and lactic acidosis in the newborn infant
Disappearance of human chorionic gonadotropin after cesarean section with regard to fetal sex
Prognostic value of screening for irregular antibodies late in pregnancy in rhesus positive women
Individual risk assessment of thrombosis in pregnancy
Accuracy of fetal pulse oximetry
C-reactive protein
Possible role of the long dorsal sacroiliac ligament in women with peripartum pelvic pain
Patient accept questionnaires integrated in clinical routine
Patient-rating of distressful symptoms after treatment for early cervical cancer
Preoperative serum SCC, CA125, and CA19-9 levels and lymph node status in squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix
Para-aortic lymph node metastasis in relation to serum CA 125 levels and nuclear grade in endometrial carcinoma
Vulvar angiokeratoma following radical hysterectomy and radiotherapy
Hyperlipidemic pancreatitis during pregnancy
Schwannoma of the clitoris
Pregnancy in a noncommunicating horn of a unicornuate uterus with fetal salvage
Cancer and Pregnancy