Consequenses for HRT following the HERS II and WHI reports
Ultrasonographic endometrial thickness for diagnosing endometrial pathology in women with postmenopausal bleeding
Expression of the vascular endothelial growth factors B and C and their receptors in human endometrium during the menstrual cycle
Effect of magnesium sulfate, isradipine, and ritodrine on contractions of myometrium
Validity of a rheumatic disease diagnosis in the Medical Birth Registry of Norway
Insulin dose during glucocorticoid treatment for fetal lung maturation in diabetic pregnancy
Antithrombin III activity and platelet count are more likely to decrease in twin pregnancies than in singleton pregnancies
Adverse obstetric outcome in fetuses that are smaller than expected at second trimester routine ultrasound examination
Amniotic fluid index in low-risk pregnancy as an admission test to the labor ward
Reference range for cervical length in twin pregnancies
Arterial and ductus venosus Doppler in fetuses with absent or reverse end-diastolic flow in the umbilical artery
Induction to delivery time interval in patients with and without preeclampsia
Initiation of lactation in women after preterm delivery
Hemorrhage risk during operative hysteroscopy
Transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy
Reproductive tract infections and the risk of HIV among women in Moshi, Tanzania
Ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia-clefting syndrome with hematocolpometra presenting as acute urinary retention
Oligodendroglioma arising within a mature cystic ovarian teratoma