“Intimate surgery” of the female
Examiner's unique possibilities to catalyze women's empowerment during a pelvic examination
Association between fertility drugs and gynecologic cancers, breast cancer, and childhood cancers
Well-being and sense of coherence during pregnancy
Prostacyclin, thromboxane A2 and the effect of low-dose ASA in pregnancies at high risk for hypertensive disorders
Major congenital heart disease in Northern Norway
Pregnancy outcomes in unselected singleton pregnant women with an increased risk of first-trimester Down's syndrome
Births and perinatal health of infants among women who have had silicone breast implantation in Finland, 1967–2000
Two-stage ultrasonography in screening for fetal anomalies at 13–14 and 18–22 weeks of gestation
Reproductive factors and extreme levels of maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein
Subclinical abnormalities of glucose metabolism in Brazilian women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus
Housing conditions, perceived stress, smoking, and alcohol
Subsequent pregnancy outcome after conservative treatment of a previous cesarean scar pregnancy
Low plasma levels of oxidized low density lipoprotein in preeclampsia
Association between maternal age and the likelihood of a cesarean section
Infertility and celiac disease
Sexual behavior during the first eight weeks after legal termination of pregnancy
Young women with genital prolapse have a low collagen concentration
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Trust and confirmation in a gynecologic examination situation
GnRH antagonists in poor responders
Recurrent thromboembolism in ovarian cancer
Pyoderma gangrenosum as a cause of spontaneous vulvovaginal ulceration
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International medical school graduates in American medicine
Bone mineral density changes in pregnancy
Bone mineral density changes in pregnancy
Investigating Reproductive Tract Infections and other Gynaecological Disorders. A Multidisciplinary Research Approach
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