Pregnancy-induced changes in insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGFBP-3), and acid-labile subunit (ALS) in patients with growth hormone (GH) deficiency and excess
Risk factors for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy: a population-based study on Danish women
Detection of fetal structural abnormalities by an 11–14-week ultrasound dating scan in an unselected Swedish population
Changes in the prevalence of pre-eclampsia in Akershus County and the rest of Norway during the past 35 years
Variation in Doppler indices along the length of the cord from the intraabdominal to the placental insertion
Eclampsia in Scandinavia: incidence, substandard care, and potentially preventable cases
Depression and anxiety during pregnancy and six months postpartum: a follow-up study
Randomized controlled trial on prevention of postcesarean infection using penicillin and cephalothin in Brazil
Birth outcomes in adolescent pregnancy in an area with intense malaria transmission in Tanzania
Cosmetic results of lower midline abdominal incision: Donati stitches versus a continuous intracutaneous suture in a randomized clinical trial
Antioxidant protection during the menstrual cycle: the effects of estradiol on ascorbic–dehydroascorbic acid plasma levels and total antioxidant plasma status in eumenorrhoic women during the menstrual cycle
Increased sexual risk taking behavior among Swedish female university students: repeated cross-sectional surveys
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) experiences: an underestimated factor in perinatal care
A novel method of ninth-intercostal microlaparoscopic approach for patients with previous laparotomy
A prospective study on whether a tension-free urethropexy procedure affects the residual urine and flow up to 4 years after the operation
Short- and long-term results of the tension-free vaginal tape procedure in the treatment of female urinary incontinence
A boy or a girl? A Hungarian survey regarding gender selection
Optimal treatment of premature ovarian failure after treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma is often withheld
Previous aneuploidic offspring in a young woman does not increase the risk for somatic random aneuploidy in subsequent pregnancies
Increase of acetone emitted by urine in relation to ovulation
Absence of neonatal streptococcal colonization after planned cesarean section
A right latero-pelvic mass: an uncommon diagnosis by endovaginal ultrasonography. Mucocele of the appendix
Oropharyngeal recurrence after bronchial washing for a lung mass in a patient with cervical cancer
Successful outcome in a high-risk pregnancy with donated oocytes in a woman allografted for chronic myeloid leukemia in childhood
Endometrioid adenocarcinoma arising from endometriosis during 2 years of estrogen replacement therapy after total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
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