News from the XVII Nordic IVF Meeting
Surgical interruption of pelvic nerve pathways in dysmenorrhea: a systematic review of effectiveness
Accuracy of HPV testing of vaginal smear obtained with a novel self-sampling device
Pregnancy outcome of uterine arterial embolization followed by selective hysteroscopic removal of a placental polyp
Maternal mid-arm circumference and other anthropometric measures of adiposity in relation to infant birth size among Zimbabwean women
A survey of knowledge, attitude and practice of malaria management among pregnant women from two health care facilities in Nigeria
Curve of amniotic fluid index measurements in low-risk pregnancy
Perceptions and attitudes of pregnant women towards caesarean section in urban Nigeria
Avoiding manual removal of placenta: evaluation of intra-umbilical injection of uterotonics using the Pipingas technique for management of adherent placenta
Attempted vaginal versus planned cesarean delivery in 195 breech first twin pregnancies
Primary hyperparathyroidism is common in postmenopausal women with forearm fracture and low bone mineral density
Menstrual disorders and associated factors among adolescent girls visiting a youth clinic
Risk factors for abdominal scar endometriosis after obstetric hysterotomies: a case–control study
Pregnancy outcome and recurrence after conservative laparoscopic surgery for borderline ovarian tumors
Characterization of surgically transposed ovaries in integrated PET/CT scan in patients with cervical cancer
Prognostic markers of high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions: the role of p16INK4a and high-risk human papillomavirus
Gadolinium periconceptional exposure: pregnancy and neonatal outcome
Leiomyoma of the vagina that caused cyclic urinary retention
Hyperreactio luteinalis, presented as an acute abdomen
Arias-Stella reaction in an adenomyomatous polyp of the uterus
Ectopic pregnancy with negative serum human chorionic gonadotropin
Prevalence of depression in women with endometriosis
Hematological Complications in Obstetrics, Pregnancy, and Gynecology
Malformation rate and sex ratio in children conceived after ICSI, using epididymal or testicular sperm
Prediction of an optimal ovarian response in ovulatory patients stimulated with low dose rFSH before intrauterine insemination
Differences in granulosa cell gene expression in rFSH versus highly purified hMG-induced controlled ovarian stimulation
Embryo quality assessment by respiration rate measurements and image analysis of time-lapse images during embryo development
Vitrification and warming human blastocyst by use of a cryoloop, using laser to artificially induce blastocyst collapse prior to vitrification
Amino acid profiling of bovine oocytes as a measure of developmental potential
Do IVF patients really prefer twins? The results from a patient survey
Deep venous thrombosis in upper compartment in relation to in vitro fertilization, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and pregnancy: 16 cases from the Nordic countries
Reanalysis of chromosomally abnormal embryos after PGS
Accessibility of assisted reproduction service at fertility clinics in the Nordic countries
Comparison of embryo development in MediCult and Vitrolife culture media
Obstetric and neonatal outcome after elective single embryo transfer (eSET)
Single embryo transfer minimizes obstetric complications after ovum and embryo donations
How many IVF-derived spare embryos are needed for establishing one embryonic stem cell line
Oocyte donation from the donor's perspective
Recurrent miscarriage. What is the prognosis for having a child?
Preincubation of TESA-derived spermatozoa prior to ICSI
Effect of culture system and medium on embryo quality and pregnancy